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"Ze": queer as f*ck!

All about "Ze"


Coming out just got a lot more complicated.

An autobiographical solo comedy about sex, gender, and the ever-expanding parade of queer labels and identities Michelle/Ryan (Ren) claims on their way to pride.

image by Virginia Guy

"Ze" (a gender neutral pronoun) details multiple "coming out's" from one stereotyped LGBTQI, etc. box to the next, in a celebration that exposes the tension between being truly authentic and belonging.

“Ze”: queer as fuck! is an admittedly confrontational title that suggests there’s still something to prove from the margins of the LGBTQI community. Genderqueer artist Ren (as Michelle/Ryan) excavates zir* transition from one minority identity to another as ze* navigates the discrimination, pigeon-holing, and label policing lurking among and between micro-cultures, to the extent that it feels safer being vaguely queer.

“Ze” is anything but vague. Ren dares to find the awkward, hysterical, and darkly funny in details whose punchlines dare you to examine your own difference, and take home a lesson about the true meaning of PRIDE, progress, and radical acceptance.

*ze/zir are gender neutral pronouns.