beyond all binaries
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I'm an Apache Attack Helicopter.

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Gender Non-binary? A 'black' white woman? A reincarnated dragon?

....where is the line?

Defying all safe space, genderqueer performance artist Ren brings un-conventional comedy to the identity debate to prove that we all humour what makes each of us ridiculous.

image by Virginia Guy

I’m an Apache Attack Helicopter is a genderqueer stand-up comedy show that brings the meme-obsessed, snap grab world of cultural trolls to its knees.

Online groups like 4chan, reddit forums, and comedians of all stripes love poking fun at non-standard identities with comments like "only on tumblr" and infinite satire images, sketches, and videos that suggest we've taken tolerance too far.

Many of us are overwhelmed by an onslaught of labels and politically correct identity politics, afraid or repulse by the the hair-trigger defenses of hyper individualists....millennials. But maybe there's a great deal more to laugh at than the non-conventional.

This rotating set of stories and observations gathered from the queer side of the tracks began as a comedic experiment in the New Zealand International Comedy festival 2017 and continues to be an umbrella for Ren to find their own funny in a non-LARPing reality.

This show is also for anyone who was afraid to laugh at something they didn't understand.....with other people....who are also not sure if it's okay to laugh. Ren proves we all take ourselves seriously in some pretty funny ways.