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Blood Relative

All about Blood Relative

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We're connected by blood...for better and worse.

Blood Relative is a three-way inter-generational love story about having and making family when the myths of “loving family” fail us.

Image by Megan Bowers-Vette

“Family are the ones who will always be there for you"...unless they disapprove of you, or are dying, or can never be born.

Blood Relative is a solo autobiographical dramatic re-telling by genderqueer artist and fertility-challenged Ren Lunicke (of the award-winning dark comedy “Ze”: queer as f*ck!) featuring Ren’s disapproving radical evangelical mum and Ren’s beloved grandmother, whom they care-take in the months prior to her passing. All three generations struggle in the shadow of death to dominate the narrative of what makes a “happy family.” Constantly disappointed by their expectations for biological bonds, they must examine the power and possibility to redefine and remake "family" for oneself.