beyond all binaries


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Zir Productions works to create live performances that break through the illusion of opposites towards a more connected world.

Zir Productions was created by Ren Lunicke as a means to focus the exploration of humour/tragedy, difference/sameness, authenticity/belonging,  isolation/connection and action/inaction.


Mx. Ren Lunicke

is a trans non-binary/genderqueer* performer.

Although their humble roots stretch into the great bio-region of Cascadia straddling Canada and the US, they are based in New Zealand and perform internationally. Ren's highly energetic and raw autobiographical solo plays and comedy mine personal experience, sub-pop-culture, politics, psychology, philosophy, and spirituality to connect audiences to themselves, the "other," nature, and the divine - with some deep pathos and a devilish sense of humour.

Performance works include story-telling, comedy, street performance, poetry, gallery work, and commissioned pieces.

Image by Philip and Tina Goad

*Genderqueer definition: a person whose gender identity lies outside conventional (cis-)gender binary distinctions of masculinity/femininity and or male/female. Their identity may be mixed, fluid, or third gender. Many prefer to use gender neutral pronouns such as ze/zir or they/them.


an equal-opportunity exponent of human frailty
Lunicke’s voice is nothing but pure, personal, and honest to the point of nakedness.
— Plank Magazine
As talented an actor as you will see currently on any stage in the country.
the physical comedy is by far the best
— theatre scenes nz
I left the theatre with a smile on my face.
— Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight